Rakka me takkas and riddly me diddlies.

Welcome back, Ike. Farewell, Sly.

This site is hosted in Tasmania, AU, by zerglingman (a fedora.email user), a Van Canto fangirl boy. Also available on matrix as @zergling.man:perthchat.org, or on libera.chat as Zergling_man or fedi (inc. mastodon) as @Zergling_man@birds.garden (and many other places).
But who am I, really?

Who can't figure out how SSL works. I'm working on it. got SSL working, I guess. is figuring this SSL thing out, properly. is thinking about eliminating CAs.

Haha I'm way too lazy for webhosting

Cool games: Fantasy Strike (gone free! Go play it now!), Din's Curse (dirt cheap!), Mechwarrior Online (free!), Wurm Online (free!), Portable Puzzle Collection (free and open source! Also on android!)

Cool bands: Van Canto [bandcamp] (Who this site is a shrine to!), Theocracy [label's bandcamp] (Christian prog metal!), Teramaze [bandcamp] (Australian Christian prog metal! Always releasing!), Takamachi Walk [bandcamp] (Touhou metal! New album out NYE 2021!)

Wisknort. Whisker snot. They changed their website and now it sucks.

By the way, my site's now open source, so you can see exactly how shit I am at this.


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